breathe, release, flow, and strengthen

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how yoga makes your life better

sleep better

feel relaxed

breathe easy

digest well

Yoga is a practice

i find my own personal practice the most confronting... but it is where I really begin to explore my body and mind.

i want to help you experience this so you feel more connected and have more awareness of your own body.

Yoga is time to look INward.

private sessions with juju:

  • hand drawn yoga sequence to guide you for your practice.
  • 40min video call to discuss your needs and to go over the yoga sequence together.
  • 15min video call to follow up after a week of practice.


inspired by Hatha Yoga with the principles of biomechanics, functional yoga and developmental movement patterns.

experience a deeper understanding of breath, balanced posture and integrated movement.


nourishing and balancing practice of restorative yoga.

give yourself time and space to deeply unwind in supported shapes.

this practice may significantly reduce stress, improve breathing, sleep, circulation and digestion.

join a ZOOM with juju:

classes every sunday for all levels

CEST/BE: 10am


BST/UK: 9am

NZST/NZ: 8pm

classes by koha (donation)

send me an email ( or message me on instagram and i'll send you the class details

see you on the mat!

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hi, i'm juju!

don't be nervous - i don't bite :)

i've been practicing and teaching practical, intuitive Yoga for nearly ten years.

i'm here to help you unwind, reduce stress, improve breathing, sleep, circulation, digestion. Yoga improves your life in so many ways.

i use the principles of biomechanics, functional yoga, and developmental movement patterns to make sure you get the most out of your practice - it's all about you.

i'm looking forward to getting to know you, and to deepening our understanding of breath, balanced posture, and movement together.

see you on the mat.